• Image of Black Zone Myth Chant - Judgement Mixtape

Edition of 100 copies, 100% exclusive material (old, new, unreleased tracks, sketches, loops, acapellas, beats) from Black Zone Myth Chant - chopped, screwed, edited & mixed by Low Jack** Lowjack offers an altered perspective on Black Zone Myth Chant's esoteric dimensions thru a killer mix of altered ephemera. Edited from exclusive material in the wake of Black Zone Myth Chant's head-turning 'Mane Thecel Phares' LP, Low Jack knits, melts and blurs a tonne of unreleased loops, acapellas and beats from the ark into a prime psych-out split over two parts, namely 'I Am The Knowledge of My Name' and 'I Have Seen The Two Worlds As One'. It's DMTrippy-as-hell, crystallizing sinuous rhythms, dissonant bleeps and de-tuned vocal hallucinations with a refractive, kaleidoscopic quality; at once controlled and grooving yet frayed and freaky. Imagine Spectre's 'Ruff Kutz' suite spiked by Africans With Mainframes and you're in the right pyramid, straddling the known world and some other place rarely touched by terrestrials.

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